What’s new in Microsoft Azure SDK 2.3?

Posted: April 10, 2014 in Live in a Cloudy World, Microsoft Azure, Windows Azure
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During the last BUILD 2014, Microsoft has released few updates on Azure, one of them was the latest SDK (software development kit) for developing on it. The main new updates are mainly around the different capabilities you can do through your Visual Studio, like for example creating new Virtual Machines directly from the VS. To do so you have to open your visual Studio and open Server Explorer, you will find one the available drop downs, Windows Azure, connect to your azure account by right clicking on Windows Azure then click on “Connect to Windows Azure” and sign in easily.

If you go to Virtual Machine and you right click on it, choose “Create a Virtual Machine“, you will get a wizard, where the first step is where you can choose which Azure Subscription you will be choose. After that you will follow the normal steps like creating a Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine from the portal.

Choosing the Virtual Machine OS:

Select the Machine Settings:

Select the Cloud Service you want the VM to join:

At the end, customizing the VM Endpoints as you need:

TADA! Now you can create the Virtual Machine directly from your VS.

The second feature that was added to the SDK, is that you can directly connect to your Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines or websites to directly and easily publish the new content without the usual hassle of debugging and uploading the different content of application. You can find all the details and see the different ways to debug a VM or a Website, publish new application through this MSDN link.

I also liked a new way of sending the notification to your device applications, which you can also find in the server explorer node, under the Windows Azure, the “Notification Hub“. You can also find the link here, on how to do that.

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