A new Technology is introduced mainly to enhance the way the communication is being done between the client and the server over the internet. At the beginning the client has to send a new request each time the user make or request any modification to be done in the opened webpage, later on a new technologies were used to enhance this type of connection and to transport data using XML or any other methods to decrease the reloading of the page and to make better way for the communication between the clients and the servers. One of these ways were using JavaScript where a lot of the new development applications depends on it nowadays.

The SignalR is a Microsoft new Technology that mainly focus not only on a better way where the clients can call the servers’ functions easily but also the application on the servers can reach their clients browsers or application functions’. On Windows Azure, with the rise of the use of JavaScript on it and the great role Node JS is taking whether where new methods and technologies are based on it, the interactions and the connection that can be made using Node JS and SignalR are one of the most interesting topic. It gives a lot of new opportunities for all the real time applications where it will be very easy to make a greater, and real time application connecting multiple clients to the server in the same time and connecting them together.

One of the great opportunities is the games. You can create a lot of cloud games that are based on the interaction between the clients and the server or even between the clients each other’s in a very easy and efficient way using these technologies.

Here is a great video to get started: http://channel9.msdn.com/Series/Building-Web-Apps-with-ASP-NET-Jump-Start/Building-Web-Apps-with-ASPNET-Jump-Start-08-Real-time-Communication-with-SignalR

This is also a great resource where it can take you step by step into the development using SignalR: http://www.asp.net/signalr

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