Windows Azure Cloud Services: WebRole

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Live in a Cloudy World, Windows Azure

Explaining each type of the Cloud Services Roles separately. The Cloud Services has three types of roles the WebRole, WorkerRole and the VMRole.

The WebRole is all what is related to your web application, no matter what programming language your application is developed with. You can start working with the webrole application from this blog post. Certainly you can make the required connection between your WebRole and WorkerRole using the Queue, WCF or even the Service Bus.

Each WebRole can be configured through the configuration and the service definition file. These 2 files configure and define the application and the virtual machine where this application will be host. For those who have worked before on Windows Azure Virtual machines, here is a simple example between why choosing Windows Azure Cloud Services, or the differences between the Windows Azure Virtual Machines and the Windows Azure Cloud Services.

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