Cloud Services VS Virtual Machines

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Live in a Cloudy World, Windows Azure

Now with the IaaS new meaning of the Windows Azure and the new updates always done on the Windows Azure Virtual Machines, there are certainly a lot of differences between hosting applications on Windows Azure Cloud Services and Windows Azure Virtual Machines. Please note that the Windows Azure Cloud Services are considered Platform as a Service and the Virtual Machines are considered Infrastructure as a Service.

My point of this blog post is the following, if I do have the capability to create a Virtual machine and host on it my application with no need of learning new things about Windows Azure neither the Cloud Services why am I in need of the Windows Azure Cloud Services.

Here is the answer simply, yes you can host on your Virtual Machine whatever applications you want and with the number you like, in other words in your Virtual Machine you can host on it the number, which gives you more control and probably it might be cheaper in some cases, BUT…

The Windows Azure Cloud Services can offer you a lot of features that the Virtual Machines can’t offer like different type of roles that are mainly designed for a certain purpose like the WorkerRole and its different types: the Cache Worker and the Worker Role with the Service Bus Queue. The Windows Azure Cloud Services helps the developers deploying the applications in a lot easier way, whether by packaging the application and then deploy it or by simply publishing it directly from the Visual Studio and maybe through the Service management API.

Also one of the main reasons to use the Windows Azure Cloud Services is that it is somehow cheaper that the Virtual Machine, remember it is all about how you develop your applications, it could save you a lot of money and it could cost you a lot.

Certainly the Cloud Services could help you a lot without the need to make the updates and upgrades manually, they are automatically done without the need of any interference.

I am not trying to convince you with the Windows Azure Cloud Services but I am trying to clarify the main differences between them. The Virtual Machine is awesome in its turn, it offers its users and specially the IT Pros a lot of capabilities like hosting CRM or SharePoint on it, and from there you can do a lot. It also can help those who don’t work with Microsoft Technology like those who use MySql you can easily build your applications on Windows Azure Virtual Machine.

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