Service Bus NetOneWayRelayBinding

Posted: March 18, 2013 in WCF, Windows Azure

This is the third type of binding after the WSHttpRelayBinding and NetTcpRelayBinding, one of the binding of the Windows Azure Service bus. I previously introduced the Windows Azure Relay Binding with a small introduction about each binding. In this post you will be able to understand better how the NetOneWayRelayBinding class works. This doesn’t have any equivalent ways of binding in the .Net framework.

Actually the NetOneWayRelayBinding is one of the most complicated bindings, for a simple reason that it is a only an one way communication binding through the Cloud Computing. Like the WSHttpRelayBinding it uses the SOAP 1.2 over the TCP. For its URI Scheme, it is usually the “sb”.

When using this type of binding, an automatically binding is created using the TCP connection or a TCP/SSL connection. This type of binding can be done through the application configuration.

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