Service Bus NetEventRelayBinding

Posted: March 18, 2013 in WCF, Windows Azure

This is the fourth type of binding after the NetOnewayRelayBinding, WSHttpRelayBinding and NetTcpRelay Binding, one of the binding of the Windows Azure Service bus. I previously introduced the Windows Azure Relay Binding with a small introduction about each binding. In this post you will be able to understand better how the NetEventRelayBinding Namespace work. This binding doesn’t have another equivalent in the .Net framework, it is a derivation of the NetOnewayRelayBinding.

The point of the NetEventRelayBinding is that it allows multiple clients or services to register to the same service bus and when a message is sent, it sends it to all the service subscribers. Like the NetOnewayRelayBinding the NetEventRelayBinding scheme is “sb”.

Its main drawbacks is that you cannot be sure if the message is delivered to all the clients or the service bus subscribers. Currently there are some constraints about the number of the concurrent users or services subscribing to the service, they cannot exceed 20 and the message sent to the listeners also cannot exceed 60 KB.

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