What is Middleware?

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Windows Azure

If you go to a dictionary to check on the “middleware” you will find this:” Software that manages the connection between a client and a database“. Actually a middleware does more than that, let’s first understand what any operating system must deliver to a developer. Actually they are two main things, the CPU and the Memory. The processor so the developer can execute the instructions for his applications and the memory so the developer can use it to store the required data. For nowadays, the applications require more than that especially for the applications that are designed to serve a special purpose for the enterprises.

The middleware here provides a way of connectivity between the applications like the messaging services. The Messaging service allows programs to share common messages handling code. In other words, the middleware is anything the developer can get to build applications using the networks.

You can find the middleware in your application connecting to the database, the way several applications can communicate with each other even if they are hosted on different hardware resources and on different operating system. You can always find it in the EAI (enterprise application integration) systems

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