Introduction to Enterprise application Integration (EAI)

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Windows Azure

Along with the increasing number of the business needs and the new software and applications they get to always meet their customers’ satisfaction and to increase their system’s reliability. An integration between all these applications and software is a must, so they can monitor their systems and the transactions made more easily and efficiently.

The main challenge always reside in how these multiple applications can communicate each other? The answer would be easy, it is SOA (service Oriented Architecture), well it is a yes and no. Yes because all these connections have to go through the SOA but no because SOA is not enough and need few more things to ensure its reliability. The way of the Messaging between the applications which is most probable the point to point integration. This will certainly oblige us to have a deeper look at the way the communication between the apps is done, the middleware. If we are talking about a small IT infrastructure where two or three applications needs to be connected then the point to point messaging would work more than great, but with the increasing number of connectors, you will face certainly a high degree of complexity and would not be able to manage all the connectors effectively.

Well the solution for EAI is quite simple, is building a middleware that manages all the connectors, loosens the coupled connections, which lead me to the Service Bus.

For more information about EAI or Enterprise application integration, you can check the following link on MSDN, it also has several lessons that can help you with it, it is a complete scenario using BizTalk Server.

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