Big Data

Posted: January 12, 2013 in Live in a Cloudy World, Windows Azure

Now for those who have worked a lot with the latest updates of Cloud Computing, you will certainly have been through the Big Data a lot. Certainly we all now the data where we work with rows, columns, tables, queries and so on, what we call structured data. Nowadays, the percentage of the usage of the unstructured data has increased dramatically, and everything has to be store on the servers. If you have been through the social media analytics before you will certainly knew that these analyses are based on data you share which are certainly a big percentage unstructured data.

As for the cloud consumers, and even for those who have their own data warehouse, their data nowadays may have reached certain number of petabytes. So the concern for a well-designed system to handle all these data, even though like Lyndsay Wise said: “simply managing this data is no longer enough. Without the ability to gain insights from information and actionize results gleaned from the analytics, data remains inaccessible and not worth muchfrom Expanding Big data management to include analytics.

As for big data and the data management, the competition between the cloud providers is very exciting for me and I am sure they are doing their all what they can do to get the customer’s satisfaction and attraction. For the Windows Azure, it is providing several tools to get the best out of the data you put on its datacenters, from system center, active directory, Windows Azure SQL Database, and HDinsight here you can find all about Windows Azure BigData. For the Amazon which a believe it is a very strong competitor in the cloud, it provides, mapreduced, hadoop, Dynamo DB and other tools you can find them here.

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