ALM Introduction: What is ALM?

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Application Lifecycle Management, Live in a Cloudy World

With the release of the latest Visual Studio 2012, a new features were added to it. The one that I am talking about in this blog post is the ALM, application lifecycle management. This is the feature that can help you with the management of the application from its birth until you have the final product. It is not like the SDLC (software Development Lifecycle), it is something more and more bigger. It includes everything from getting the idea, developing it from the business and the programming perspectives plus its deployment that might take a long time.

There are several people that divided the ALM into different parts, they might be somehow different in contents or in the meanings however most of the people divided it into 3 parts (I would like to follow Chappell’s papers, you can find it in this link).

The main three parts like Chappell’s book are: the governance, the development and the operations. The target of the ALM is to maximize the business revenue of the application. The tools to do so vary from a vendor to another. PS the tools you use for the development must connect the development team all together and must also connect them to the different teams like the operations and the governance.

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