Create your own Certificate.

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Live in a Cloudy World

This blog post is to show you how to create your own certificate, that you might need during deploying your application on Windows Azure, or also you might need it do to some connection between your applications hosted in different environments. For example, I have been through this before trying to connect an application hosted on Windows Azure to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a certificate was asked to make sure that the connection made is secure and trusted. This example only runs if you do have the CRM hosted on-premises, if you do have the CRM online there are a tool to register your CRM on the Windows Azure Service Bus.

However let’s get back to the point, to create your own certificate, you can simply do this by opening your IIS manager


Second thing go to Server Certificates and open it, after that go to the right most of the page and under the action part, choose create self-signed certificate as shown in the following figure


A new pop-up windows will open asking for a certificate name. if you were running on a windows 8 you will be asked to define the purpose of issuing the certificate, whether if it is for a personal or a web hosting purpose, if you run any previous windows you will not be asked for this.


Once the certificate is created you can find it in the IIS manager under the server certificates. Right click on yours and click export.


You will be asked to choose the location where you want to put your certificate and you will be asked for a password.

Now you have your own certificate created and ready to be used in your cloud application for the deployment or any other purposes.

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