Intel Processor CPUID

Posted: August 4, 2012 in Live in a Cloudy World, Microprocessor

After a number of recent blog posts about Virtualization in Intel Platform, here we will enter smoothly and explore the VMX operations and the CPUID. Here in this blog post, you will find all the details regarding what is related to the VMX Operation.

Now starting with the CPUID, it is taken from the CPU, it is main target is to define the ID of the processor and its capabilities. As in my blog post I am so interested about the Virtualization and Cloud Computing I will show you how to know if the current processor supports the VMX operations for allowing it to develop using the VMM and the Guest OS.

First of all let’s have a look on Instruction format that is passed to the processor to execute. The following picture is taken from the “64-ia32-architecture-software-developer-vol-2a-manual” for Intel.

I will not get in details what each thing in the instruction format do, maybe in late blog posts, but what I want to point out that you can know if the processor supports the VMX operation from the 5th bit. this is form the Intel Book “System software can determine whether a processor

supports VMX operation using CPUID. If CPUID.1:ECX.VMX[bit 5] = 1

I know and I am sure that all the coming Microprocessor will support the VMX operations because the coming windows of Microsoft the most dominant OS on earth for end users will have a Hypervisor.



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