VMM(Virtual Machine Monitor)

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Live in a Cloudy World, Virtualization

Talking about Virtualization on Intel Platforms, the first thing you need to know and to understand before starting developing on the Intel Processor is the VMM (the Virtual Machine Monitor). This is the responsible for managing the guest Virtual Machines. It presents the guest VM with an abstraction of the processor. it is also able to retain the hardware resources. The VMM starts by the operation of the VMXON and ends by the command of the VMXOFF. For the VM can start by the command VMLAUNCH or VMRESUME, the VMM then lose controls on the VM and can regain it when a VMEXIT command is used. Will follow this blog post with another one related to the VMM and interruption handling after I cover the guest software, VMX operations, VMX Transitions and the VMCS Region.

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