WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)

Posted: July 4, 2012 in WCF

One of my previous posts was about the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), this time will introduce to you the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Microsoft Implementation for the SOA. As usually Microsoft made it so easy for developers for building their own service. The WCF implements automatically the WSDL for the developers rather than writing the whole WSDL using XML for the service.

The WCF is composed of 2 main things the interface and the service itself, certainly you will need to define your endpoints and to configure it to the required URL programmatically. One of the main targets of the WCF is to allow multiple different platforms to reach each other and to execute some functions from each other’s like explained in the SOA. The WCF can be hosted as a normal Web service on IIS, or even can be hosted in another application. The WCF can be used developing Composite Apps, however the Composite Apps don’t only depend on WCF.

When developing using WCF, you have to define the functions that the clients will consume. The interface class must be defined as service contract, also you need to define the operations or the methods the client will consume otherwise the methods won’t be seen by the client.

You can find an example application in this link with a complete explanation in it. It is a small application just to clarify the WCF Technology.


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