Live in a Cloudy World

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Live in a Cloudy World, Windows Azure

A lot of my previous post had “LIVE IN A CLOUDY WORLD” on it, and there are a lot of people who asked me what that is. Now as you surely have noticed I love and believe in the Cloud Computing in a way that I have no problem to spend all my time searching on it and trying to implement new things on it, test and so on. Actually that I am trying to do now, rather than wasting my time and got nothing back from it, and rather than spending my time studying things from the university that I don’t like and I don’t see that there are any benefits from it, I decided to start digging and do the researches I want in the field that I wish to work in. So any related work, post, application that I post on the internet related to the field will have a category or a hashtag on twitter #LiveinaCloudyWorld, or on facebook, wordpress, linkedin or even

As I am Microsoft Student Partner, I am Microsoft oriented and you may find a lot of posts related to Microsoft Technology, however I am doing my best to cover the field of Cloud Computing from different point of views and different technology implementation for the concept.

What exactly will I cover in “LiveinaCloudyWorld”? actually and frankly everything related to the field of Cloud Computing that I dig in will be posted, this might be that I am so excited about it, or I like the field but I am still discovering more about it. Basically you can find some introduction about Cloud Computing, the infrastructure from the processor, hardware and the Operating system, the platform especially Windows Azure and will try to cover others, and will try to get in the software as a service but I am not really interested in it.

You may also find several posts related to other technologies or concept and how this implemented on the different Cloud Computing platforms.

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