Logical Processor vs. Physical Processor

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Live in a Cloudy World, Microprocessor

When we go buying any new laptop these days we all hear about the cores, Intel core2 due, quad core … etc. Also for the computer developers they know about the cores and might heard about the threads, actually I am not talking about the threads in the development but on the processor threads.

The explanation is too easy; consider the number of the cores is the number of the physical processor that works in parallel way and the number of the threads as the number of the logical processor. The threads or the logical processor is used to elevate and to execute more instructions, we can consider that each thread execute a specific instruction, if the processor has 2 threads, it can executes 2 instructions in the same time.

Nowadays, the processor may have actually more than one physical processor and in each physical processor there might be a number of threads that share some of the components of this core, like for example the ALU, the execution engine. For the physical processors they might share some components like the bus interface that transfers the data and instructions from and to the memory.

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