Cloud Computing: Infrastructure

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Live in a Cloudy World

I have talked about Cloud Computing in a previous blog post; you can read it for more information. In this one I will start explain the first layer of the Cloud Computing which is the infrastructure. This layer is the physical one. This layer mainly consists of servers, networks, facilities, cooling system, electricity, every and any necessary thing to build a datacenter. This layer mainly targets the IT and the operators who are always looking forward for a host to host their applications and data.

The infrastructure requires an operating system to be installed on it to take control along the whole infrastructure, there are a lot of OS can be installed on these infrastructure like Windows Server and Linux, Unix, AX… etc. The target of the infrastructure may oblige you to install on it some kind of OS like for example, if this infrastructure is made for the consuming its processing power for research or whatsoever, the area of research will be around the HPC OS(High Processing Computing). There are some companies like Microsoft, that help you build your own private cloud to maximize the utilization of the hardware resources the company has. This is done by several products not only an OS but with system center. In my opinion, the era for the private cloud won’t endure for a long time but it is just for a certain time until the Cloud Computing gains more and more confidence, after that I think that all the companies from large enterprises to the small one will move to the public cloud.

The public Cloud Computing offers you now the infrastructure as a service, cutting off the IT infrastructure cost for all the rising and the large enterprises companies. They can host their data on the cloud infrastructure and pay only for what they use from processing power, storage and other services.

So how the Cloud Provider prevent you from accessing other customer’s data and give you in the same time more control to manage your data on his infrastructure? The answer is quite simple: Virtualization. I wrote a blog post about it before, and I am willing to go in it step by step from the virtualization level to a more advanced one, how to build your VM.

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