Cloud Computing: Availability, Scalability & Cost

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Now redefining what Cloud Computing is, I have posted a previous blog post about it before, however the reason that I am rewriting this is I might get a better understanding for this concept or cover it from other point of views. Remember at the beginning of internet era, the internet users might face some problems one of them is the availability of the application or the website they were looking for. Let’s have a small example why this was happening. When X number of users is trying to access the web application, each connection will consume some temporary memory assuming it is around 2 MB, so the server where the website is hosted must have memory more than X*2 or else the server will be down and won’t be able to handle the incoming connection. So the main solution you must do is to increase and to enhance your hardware, regardless what enhancement is done on the software part, you will always need more hardware.

Let’s jump to another part, for the business owners, the large Enterprise companies and some of the medium will have to build their own datacenter and their IT infrastructure. Each time their business grow, the incoming traffic on their applications whether from their clients to the application hosted on their servers or the internal employees accessing the internal system, they will have to buy new hardware resources for enhancing their IT infrastructure. From the last point there are 3 main problems:

  • Availability
  • Scalability (for the memory, storage and processing power they might not find it when needed due to the limited resources they have)
  • Cost

The only solution and the main one is always enhancing the hardware and buying new servers, regardless of the Software updates. So here comes the Cloud Computing role by providing in my opinion one main thing: “Illusion of the infinite of the hardware resources”, which means that the datacenter will have thousands of servers, maybe millions where the applications are hosted. This means that the cloud can provide you with great flexibility with the storage where you can host your storage and processing power for your applications. As it is impossible for all the companies to have their own Cloud, so there is Cloud providers, like Microsoft , Google, Amazon and several others, that deliver you the Cloud Computing as a service.

Let me give you an example explaining the “as a service” meaning. In each factory, you might build your own electric generators for the high consumption of electricity. This cost the factory a lot of money as a capital cost for building it and after that paying in regular way the operation costs needed for only running this generator. Or simply the factory can take the electricity from the country as a service, they pay for the amount of electricity they use and share it with others.

The same goes for the cloud, rather than paying millions of dollars for just building your IT infrastructure, you can take it as a service from the cloud provider where you share the resources with a lot of others companies. This means that you will cut off your it infrastructure capital cost and only runs with the operation costs, depending on the amount of storage used and amount of processing power consumed. More blog posts will be followed about the layer of the cloud computing and how each layer can benefit its users.

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