Data Explorer overview(Data Management)

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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First of all let’s agree that Cloud Computing is mainly used by the medium and the large enterprises that have a big IT Infrastructure to host their data and applications, I am talking about Terabytes of data or even Petabytes. So for them it is very hard to organize their data, add new things…etc.

In this post I am mainly talking about Microsoft Codename “DataExplorer” a new application that enables you to organize your Big data, “Gain new Insights”, or even combining the data you have with other that you want to add with different sources. It can be from an existing database, Excel Sheet, Files, or even if you are using SharePoint Online and new data acquired from the Azure Data Marketplace. Here is an example where the data are combined from different source.

After you combine your data, there are a lot of formats that you can use to publish the new organized or the combined data. It may take a format of Excel file, CSV file and so on.

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