Service Oriented Architecture vs. API

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Uncategorized
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In my latest post, I wrote about the Service Oriented Architecture, in this one I will mention about API and the differences between the SOA and the API. They look nearly the similar but let’s have a deeper look.

Each of them is designed for a specific purpose; the SOA is used to make your code more efficient, and organized.

For the SOA, those who are looking forward to integrate some maps in their applications, it is so hard to design a map from scratch however it is easier to integrate a third party in the application and consuming its service.

SOA offers a number of functions that can be used and reused by the consumer as much as it takes. For the service builder, the SOA helps you build services that can be consumed by different platforms

The API is used to add more capabilities to the main application. For example the Facebook has APIs so developers can develop their apps based on Facebook platform.

The developers are using the API for using some data already existing in the database, so the application can be used for retrieving data, it doesn’t depend on certain functions.


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