Windows Azure request Lifecycle

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Continuing on my last blog Storage architecture in Windows Azure, I want to show how it works on windows azure, how your request is being processed on Windows Azure. We do have multiple type of storage on Windows Azure, however in your request you have to identify the URI of the object you want to access.

For example:

For the blob storage:

http:// <Your account name><the container name>/<the blob name>

For the table storage:

http://<Your account name><table name>

For the queue storage:

http://<Your account name><queue name>

The second step is the work of the Front-End layer, it authenticates, authorizes, look in the partition map to get the partition server. Finally it sends the request to the corresponding server and also sends the response to the client.

Going to the third part which is the partition layer, before accessing the DFS( Distributed File System) to execute the request the partition layer has to make sure that the data is not cached in the partition server’s memory (it can process directly the request on the data in the memory rather than send requesting the data from the DFS).


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