Create your Silverlight application based on Windows Azure

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Silverlight application is most of the time is hosted on a normal application that you can use it to add it to the Windows Azure Roles

Open Visual Studio and run it as administrator open a new project and go to Silverlight and create a normal one “Silverlight application”

Make sure you host your Silverlight application in an ASP.NET application for the following shown box

Now simply apply add a new project and include it into your current projects. Right click on your solution and add a cloud project but don’t add any roles just press “OK”


Now go to the folders named roles and right click and click on web Role in Solution you will find you available application where is hosted the Silverlight application. Now you can customize easily the Silverlight application and change in it as you like without worrying about the cloud.



Now your solution should like that with all the projects and roles in it.

  1. mosehsah says:

    That Was very helpful , thanks.

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