Configure you desktop and start your first Website on Windows Azure Platform

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

This Blog will show you all the requirements and the software needed to begin developing on windows Azure and make a “Hello World” website hosted on Windows Azure Platform. You must be running on windows 7 or windows server with IIS feature enabled.

First of All you need Windows Azure tools and SDK for any programming language and any environment. Then you need to configure your IIS on your machine to be able to run Windows Azure Emulator.

  • Open your Start menu and write in the search bar: “Turn windows features on or off” or you can get it from the Control Panel > Programs and features.




Make sure you installed Visual Studio 2008 SP1 or later correctly with SQL Server 2005 or later.

Now you are ready to start building your first application on the Cloud. Run Visual Studio as Administrator


Now create a new project, press (Ctrl +Shift + N), then choose Cloud > Windows Azure Project

Then add an ASP.NET WebRole, which is a normal ASP.NET application using IIS

Then I will delete the forms existing (the default and the about forms). The n add a new web form. With a right Click at the “WebRole1”, add a new Web Form then press “OK”

In the new Web Form, add a new label with the following code under the <body>:

id=”form1″ runat=”server”>

            Hello World!!!<br />

            <br />




    Or Drag and drop a label from the toolbox



Press F5 and run your application, you will see the windows Azure Emulators starting at the taskbar and your website will run successfully.




  1. mosehsah says:

    Thanks Hady !

  2. eslam says:

    Thank you very much , i tried it and it’s useful 🙂

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