Windows Azure (Cloud Computing)

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Windows Azure

Cloud Computing from imagination to reality.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

First let’s talk about what was running for hosting:

You design your website and host it on a webserver, after a while your website makes a success, the number of people visiting your website grows daily and your hardware capabilities cannot afford the traffic so what’s the solution?

You begin to think about growing your business to enhance your customers’ satisfaction so you buy new servers so you can serve all the people accessing your website.  After a while the traffic grows more and more and the people visiting your website increase and you will have to buy more and more servers to meet your customers’ satisfaction … etc.

The problems are: you are using a lot of computer power that you may not need which costs you a lot of money and you waste a lot of time buying new servers and installing the necessary programs and applications. You pay money when you use your hardware and you also pay money when you don’t use it.  If you don’t buy new hardware equipment your customer may get angry and your business will shrink.

CLOUD COMPUTING is the solution!!! You put your website on a Cloud Server like a webserver and the people are going to visit your website, then when the traffic grows and you are in a need for more servers you can scale up your computer power ON DEMAND, INSTANTLY as needed.  ONE OF THE ADVANTAGES OF CLOUD COMPUTING IS THAT YOU PAY ONLY FOR WHAT YOU USE NOT FOR HARDWARE EQUIPMENT SITTING AROUND IN CASE YOU MIGHT USE THEM.

So is that all about Cloud computing? Absolutely not! Cloud Computing is not for website only but it is for your data and applications too.  It is like you have a Storage capacity on the internet (like SKYDRIVE offered from Microsoft) where you can put anything you want and you can also access it from anywhere by a portable PC or a smartphone or any device that can give you access to the internet.

Why cloud Computing? From 2nd life to social networks, the World Wide Web is getting bigger, the number of internet users grow every day, developers are in need for more computer power. Cloud Computing can help them move forward because of 3 majors’ reasons:

1- SCALABILITY: you can easily grow or shrink your cloud hardware depending on your demand.

2- CONTROL: you can control your hardware remotely from your desktop or your PC instantly (grow your hardware capabilities or shrink them).

3- COST EFFECTIVE: you only pay for what you use.

In conclusion, you don’t have to worry about your hardware anymore; you just have to focus on your software or on your business


Let’s go deeper in Cloud Computing and understand what its purpose is.

Cloud Computing is:

· “Moving computing and data away from desktop & portable PC and simply displaying the results of computing that takes place in a centralized location and is then transmitted via the internet to the user’s screen.” John Markoff – a Journalist.

· “The trend towards online services that runs in a web browser and store user’s information in a provider’s data center.” Workshop Announcement.

· “A computer paradigm shift where computing is moved away from personal computer or an individual application server to a cloud of computers.” Wikipedia.

· “The idea of relying on the web-based applications and storing data in the cloud of the internet.” MIT Technology Review.

· “We’re all in” Steve Ballmer talking about cloud computing– Microsoft CEO.


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